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EN[bɝdz] [bɜːdz] [bɜɪdz] [-ɜː(ɹ)dz]

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  • NounBFbirdBFthe bird
    1. plural of bird.
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        • A bird dog, according to David Smith of the National Bird Dog Museum, can include such breeds as the English pointer and setter, the American Brittany, the German short-haired pointer and the vizsla.
        • It’s a small sculpture in the form of a bird with the head of a woman, a type of mythical creature known as a kinnari.
        • He took aim at the prize bird meticulously and shot the cock from the distant flock with a single shot. ‎
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        • both male and female Adonise their tails in this manner, which gives them a remarkable appearance amongst all other birds.
        • Therefore, we should be cautious in using only one or a few of these feathered paravians as a proxy for the ancestral morphological, functional, and behavioural conditions of birds.
        • We investigated the presence of CNM in ornithophagous ticks from migrating birds.
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