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EN Bells
A set of Chinese bells.
A set of Chinese bells.

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    1. plural of bell.
      1. (nautical) Ship's bells; the strokes on a ship's bell, every half hour, to mark the passage of time.
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          • The silence of our meal was alone broken by the dull clattering of knives and forks, and the tinkling of the bell to summon the brisk waiter to bring wine and draw the cloth.
          • Generalized complete Bell polynomials are used in order to compute joint moments and joint cumulants of multivariate photocounters.
          • England wrapped up a five-wicket victory in the first Test as a stand of 132 between Alastair Cook and Ian Bell saw off an early West Indies charge.
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • The teacher accepted her tardy slip and allowed her to come into the classroom after the bell.
          • 1931 - Intuitively, on Bloody Sunday, the Tans recognized where their trouble lay: the Irish were playing their own game once again. - To Play the Game: An Analysis of Sport, John Bowyer Bell.
          • I hung a "no solicitors" sign by my door. One of these days, I hope they'll get the picture and quit ringing the bell.
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