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EN Bells
A set of Chinese bells.
A set of Chinese bells.

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    1. plural of bell.
      1. (nautical) Ship's bells; the strokes on a ship's bell, every half hour, to mark the passage of time.
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          • Our folks are slow to fratch, but they're not quick at letting go," said Tom, who paused and added: "I wunner where Bell got his money; he had none when he took a job at mill in oad Osborn's time."
          • The second round was a brannigan from bell to bell. Both men went out for blood and both got it.
          • When a rock band began to unhouse its instruments on a riser beneath the bell tower, ....
        2. Used in the Ending of Sentence
          • The teacher accepted her tardy slip and allowed her to come into the classroom after the bell.
          • 1931 - Intuitively, on Bloody Sunday, the Tans recognized where their trouble lay: the Irish were playing their own game once again. - To Play the Game: An Analysis of Sport, John Bowyer Bell.
          • I hung a "no solicitors" sign by my door. One of these days, I hope they'll get the picture and quit ringing the bell.
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