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    1. plural of behaviour.
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        • The modal analysis was used to characterize the eigenoscillation behaviour of the structure without external excitation.
        • His infamous behaviour only redounded back upon him when he was caught.
        • Self-compatible plants that cannot autogamously self-pollinate highly rely on pollinators for reproduction, such nectar robbing behaviours may affect plant reproduction.
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        • As myrmecochory is a case of active exozoochory, the fate of dispersed seeds depends on the traits of both the seed and the elaiosome, but is also closely related to the ants’ foraging behaviour.
        • Ah Lian are not simply lowly educated, they also have supposedly 'pre-modern' or sua-ku (hill tortoise, metaphor for 'backward') modes of behaviour.
        • I was called into the head's office to discuss my behaviour.
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