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    1. plural of behavior.
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        • Finally, these behavior changes observed in col6a1 ama605003 mutants were not induced by anxiety (Fig 11 ) since the mutant fish did not display thigmotaxis, a centrophobic stress behavior [57 ].
        • From this vantage point we can observe the behavior of the animals in their natural habitat. ‎
        • hard-wired behavior, or behavior that a dog's genetics have preprogrammed him to do
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        • The aspect which attracts me to the idea of anthropomorphs *is* their differences from humans, particularly in the ways it shapes their social behavior.
        • Gubernick, Sengelaub, and Kurz (1993) reported that mPOA neuron somal size increased in females following pregnancy, parturition and the initiation of maternal behavior.
        • Counter intentional or ironic error is a further example of the delinking of intentional thought processes and behavior.
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