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  • NounBFassociation
    1. plural of association.
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        • The lack of an association with particular strain lineages suggests that host factors predominate in the breakdown towards mycobacteremia.
        • Similarly, the role of heat shock transcription factor B3 (HSFB3) has been implicated in response to abiotic stress and in mycorrhyzal association [61 ].
        • [Wright] also refers to 'the great Usonian Life, the universal life of our own true democracy' and 'the road to Freedom in Usonia'. The association of USA and utopia is inescapable [ …]
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        • Associations between polyomaviruria and disease characteristics were analysed in cases.
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        • It is interesting to observe, furthermore, that among the higher barbarians and civilized races, lust has become to a certain extent mentalized through hereditary memory and association.
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