address meaning

EN[ə.ˈdɹɛs] [-ɛs] [ˈæd.ɹɛs]
  • Address or The Address may refer to:
  • Address (geography), a code and abstract concept expressing a location on the Earth's surface (include also Postal address)
  • The Address (film), a film by Ken Burns
  • In computing, an (often-virtual) location in address space, notably:
  • Memory address within a computer
  • Email address
  • Network address
  • Public speaking, the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner
  • Style (manner of address), a legal, official, or recognized title
  • <address></address>, an HTML element, see HTML element#address
  • Part-of-Speech Hierarchy
    1. Nouns
      • Countable nouns
      • Verbs
        • Intransitive verbs
          • Transitive verbs
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        Meaning of address for the defined word.

        Grammatically, this word "address" is a noun, more specifically, a countable noun. It's also a verb, more specifically, an intransitive verb and a transitive verb.
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