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    1. plural of activity.
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        • Clifford said: “There has been a lot of innovation activity and premiumisation in coffee in recent years, with growth in premium formats like coffee pods and coffee beans.
        • Enzyme activities were measured spectrophotometricly in triplicate and expressed as changes of absorbance per minute per mg protein.
        • Indeed, Type I IFNs have been shown to inhibit macrophage activation, thus discouraging mycobactericidal activities during Th1 immunity.
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        • The ratio of serum free T3 (FT3) over free T4 (FT4) (FT3/FT4 ratio) may reflect the degree of extrathyroidal T4 to T3 conversion activity.
        • Moreover, lianqiaoxinoside B and forsythoside H showed nearly the same antioxidant activities.
        • In addition, cathelicidin promotes autophagy, which enhances autophagolysosomal fusion and antimicrobial activity.
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