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  • NounBFactivitySUF-ties
    1. plural of activity.
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        • The highest expression and activity levels were observed in the newly acquired human neuroglioma cells (H4) and the human astrocytoma cells (CCF-STTG-1, Table 1 ).
        • The resulting fractions were combined according to the thin layer chromatography (TLC) profiles and the combined fractions were tested for antimicrobial activity using bioautography.
        • It is evident that chitinolytic and glucanolytic enzymes play a major role in antifungal activity [63 ,64 ].
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        • BD3 expression has been previously linked to IL-17-immunity to OPC, and this AMP also has intrinsic, direct candidacidal activity.
        • The ratio of serum free T3 (FT3) over free T4 (FT4) (FT3/FT4 ratio) may reflect the degree of extrathyroidal T4 to T3 conversion activity.
        • Reading in bed and breakfasting in bed are two of my three favorite activities.
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