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  • Usedom (German: Usedom [ˈuːzədɔm], Polish: Uznam [ˈuznam]) is a Baltic Sea island in Pomerania, since 1945 split between Germany and Poland. It is the second biggest Pomeranian island after Rugia and before neighbouring Wolin.
  • It is situated north of the Stettin Lagoon (Polish: Zalew Szczeciński; German: Stettiner Haff) estuary of the River Oder. About 80% of the island belongs to the German district of Vorpommern-Greifswald in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
  • With an annual average of 1906 sunshine hours, Usedom is the sunniest region of both Germany and Poland, and it is also the sunniest island in the Baltic Sea. Hence its nickname Sunny Island (German: Sonneninsel, Polish: Wyspa Słońca).
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