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EN[rəʊm] [rum] [roʊm] [-əʊm]
  • Rome (/ˈroʊm/, Italian: Roma [ˈroːma], Latin: Rōma) is a city and special comune (named "Roma Capitale") in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and region of Lazio. With 2.9 million residents in 1,285 km2 (496.
  • Rome's history spans more than two and a half thousand years. While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome at only around 753 BC, the site has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in Europe.
  • After the fall of the Empire, which marked the beginning of the Middle Ages, Rome slowly fell under the political control of the Papacy, which had settled in the city since the 1st century AD,
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