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EN[ˈlæŋkəʃə] [ˈlæŋkəˌʃɪə]
  • Lancashire (/ˈlæŋkəʃər/, /ˈlæŋkəʃɪər/ or, locally, [ˈɫaŋkɪʃə(ɻ)]; archaically the County Palatine of Lancaster; abbreviated Lancs.) is a county in the north west of England.
  • The history of Lancashire is thought to have begun with its founding in the 12th century. In the Domesday Book (1086), some of its lands were treated as part of Yorkshire.
  • Lancashire emerged during the Industrial Revolution as a major commercial and industrial region. Manchester and Liverpool grew quickly as its largest cities, both dominating global trade and the birth of modern capitalism.
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