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EN[kəˈneɪdɪən] [-eɪdɪən]

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  • NounPLCanadiansSUF-ian
    1. Person from Canada.
      1. (sports) INF Canadian national championship.
        1. (sports) canoe (short for Canadian canoe, as opposed to kayak).
        2. AdjectiveCOMmore CanadianSUPmost Canadian
          1. Of or pertaining to Canada.
            1. Of or pertaining to Canadians.
              1. Of or pertaining to Canadian (or Canadian English).
              2. Proper noun
                1. INF The English language as used (spoken or written) in Canada; Canadian English.
                  1. A town in Oklahoma.
                    1. A city and county seat in Texas.
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                        • Flag-jacking normally occurs when Americans pose as Canadians in order to be thought of more favorably by the locals they encounter.
                        • I work closely with my Canadian counterparts;  you work with computers;  she works with the homeless people from the suburbs
                        • Other notable Canadian censorship attempts are have had such strong Streisand Effects, they might as well have directed and starred in the romantic drama Prince Of Tides.
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