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EN[ˈɒstriəns] [ˈɔːstriəns]
  • Austrians (German: Österreicher) are a Germanic ethnic group, consisting of the population of the Republic of Austria, who share a common Austrian culture and Austrian descent and history.
  • Historically, Austrians were regarded as Germans and viewed themselves as such.

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  • NounBFAustrian
    1. plural of Austrian.
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        • The U.S. ski team beat the stuffing out of the Austrians in Alpine, but Norway took the gold home in Nordic.
        • Most of the officers were dressed in [ … ] a bluish-grey frock-coat of a colour similar to Austrian yagers.
        • Michael Pelletier at Fountainhead also recommends a 2007 moscofilero, which he called “the new grüner veltliner” (like rosé, Austrian grüner veltliner has surged in popularity).
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