Word of the day
  1. Noun
    • A system of rules and principles for speaking and writing a language.
    • (uncountable, linguistics) The study of the internal structure of words (morphology) and the use of words in the construction of phrases and sentences (syntax).
    • A book describing the rules of grammar of a language.
    • (computing theory) A formal system specifying the syntax of a language.
    • (computing theory) A formal system defining a formal language.
    • The basic rules or principles of a field of knowledge or a particular skill.
    • (Britain, archaic) A textbook.
    • (Britain) A grammar school.
  2. Verb
    • (obsolete, intransitive) To discourse according to the rules of grammar; to use grammar.
Picture of the day
capillary action

Sentence of the day
  • It's a nice car, but they are charging an exorbitant price for it.
  • You also have to pay exorbitant interest if you have credit card debt.